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Senator from Montana Proposes Taxing Cyclists to Generate Revenue

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Core tenants of the Republican party platform used to include limited government and cutting taxes. Those days appear to be long gone, at least according to one Republican politician. Scott Sales, a Republican Senator from Montana has recently proposed taxing all cyclists who visit the state.

Nestled in as an amendment to SB 363, a bill about invasive species management, Sales proposed order would require visiting cyclists to purchase a $25 out of state cyclists sticker that would need to be prominently displayed while these riders cruise the state’s expansive roads and highways.

Montana currently has a booming bike tourism industry estimated to generate upwards of $377 million in annual economic activity, according to the Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research.

The Great Falls Tribune reports that Sales has a personal bias against cyclists, stating last month that he believes they are “some of the rudest people” he’s ever met. Like so many other big government buffoons what Sales fails to realize is that, whether or not cyclists are indeed rude (and I can certainly agree that some are), that does not provide justification to steal from them via taxation.

What’s more is that if it passes this measure will, undoubtedly, result in decreased economic output to a booming bike tourism industry – likely harming many of the constituents Sales claims to represent. Bicylcing.com noted that some cyclists organizations within the state are already warning against the tax, but that doesn’t seem to bother the cyclists hating senator.

Want to let Sales know that he doesn’t stand for conservative beliefs? You can find his contact details below courtesy of The Montana Legislature:

SD 34

Session Contact Information
Information Office: (406)444-4800

PO BOX 11163
BOZEMAN, MT 59719-1163
Primary ph: (406) 579-7994

Legislative Service
House: 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009
Senate: 2013, 2015, 2017
Interim Committees Serving on are:
(J) Law and Justice

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